Sunday, September 27, 2009

La Paloma, La Philomena and Arthur Guinness

Another great place for the solitary woman to sit at the bar is at North Square on Waverly Place. Actually the restaurant is on Waverly, the lounge is accessed on MacDougal St.. Don't be afraid. It may look like you're walking into a residential building, but it's the Washington Square Hotel, and there will be a nice man to point you to the lounge.

I was early for a show at Manhattan Theatre Source down on MacDougal. The North Square was perfect for waiting. I could sit at the bar and have a chopped salad and a La Paloma in perfect peace. Plus they played Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Perfect Skin: "at the age of ten she looked like Greta Garbo and I loved her then but how was she to know that..." Perfect.

The La Paloma. Cabrito Blanco Tequila, Agave Nectar, lime juice and pink grapefruit juice - muy bonita.

Back to 59 East 59t Theatre bar, the Flagrant Philomena awaits. Created by Alberto for the Rough Magic Theatre company and their production of Improbable Frequency: rum, vodka, blue curacao, and tonic with a twist of orange. The imbibing of this blue concoction with frequency is improbable.

And finally, a toast to Mr. Arthur Guinness, whose concocted 250th anniversary was this past week. All cocktails raised to the stout!

Monday, September 21, 2009

An Irishman's Margarita

Last week-end, there was a long line at Magnolia Bakery again. The only line I would stand in would be to enter Bar Centrale. Just to have a chance at those tiger-striped bar stools. That's worth standing - to have a seat.

Jeff Riedel for the NYT

Here is a lovely picture of Maureen Dowd, sitting comfortably at the Bar, wondering if men were indeed necessary. See? Single woman at ease, alone at the bar. This is a true test. Can you go there alone?

Yes, you can. However, Ms. Dowd does look like she could use a cupcake.

Confections aside, bartender Paul O'Halloran recommends his margaritas, made with Sauza Hornitos Tequila."We Irish know our tequila more so than the Mexicans...." he said with a wink and then gave us some El Tesoro Platinum Tequila for sipping and blurriness ensued....

The wasabi peas just weren't enough to balance out the alcohol. Thank goodness we had a designated driver.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fresh Wind

A defeated superhero: "The Evil Masterminds tried everything, then one of them offered me a cosmo," C. Barsotti.

Speaking of cosmos, Carrie Bradshaw is back in town. Sex and the City 2 is filming in midtown these days, at Bergdorf Goodman's.

Right around the corner from the 59 East 59th Street Theatre. Best theatre bar in NYC!

Sort of like a cosmo, The Fresh Wind was created by Sir Alan Ayckbourn. This is probably the first and last time that I discuss a cocktail devised by a knight. Sir Alan took some time from writing his 73 plays to put together this gem. It consists of vodka, french vermouth, pink grapefruit juice and a splash of Cointreau. It will quell your public fear of private places. Or is it a private fear of public places?

And speaking again of cosmos, here's a tasty one from one of my favorite NYC spots, Bar Centrale, on Restaurant Row. Bartender Paul O'H is one of the best in town. More on his skills later! This one is made with Hangar One Vodka Mandarin Blossom. Delicious! A couple of cosmos and tomorrow's weather forecast is foggy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love You a Long Time

Photo by Carmen E. Lopez

I have a new camera with a setting specifically for taking pictures of vintage cocktails. So this blog is renewed! I probably won't mention the children...much. But they are one of the reasons why I drink.

First stop is the Park in Chelsea, 118 10th Ave. Right off the High Line. Fantastic way to spend a beautiful September Sunday afternoon. Remember - walk the High Line, then drink cocktails. Not the other way around.

One of the Park's signature cocktails was the Love You a Long Time. A thing of beauty! Ingredients were Hendricks Gin, muddled lemon and cucumber, St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur. All with a sugar rim.

Service was lovely. Waitress accurately described the drink as "sweet, but not too." Atmosphere was pleasant with extra stars for the appearance of Michael Richards doing his best Cosmo Kramer.