Monday, September 21, 2009

An Irishman's Margarita

Last week-end, there was a long line at Magnolia Bakery again. The only line I would stand in would be to enter Bar Centrale. Just to have a chance at those tiger-striped bar stools. That's worth standing - to have a seat.

Jeff Riedel for the NYT

Here is a lovely picture of Maureen Dowd, sitting comfortably at the Bar, wondering if men were indeed necessary. See? Single woman at ease, alone at the bar. This is a true test. Can you go there alone?

Yes, you can. However, Ms. Dowd does look like she could use a cupcake.

Confections aside, bartender Paul O'Halloran recommends his margaritas, made with Sauza Hornitos Tequila."We Irish know our tequila more so than the Mexicans...." he said with a wink and then gave us some El Tesoro Platinum Tequila for sipping and blurriness ensued....

The wasabi peas just weren't enough to balance out the alcohol. Thank goodness we had a designated driver.

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